Dr. Pen A7 Cartridges. Only compatible with Dr. Pen Ultima-A7 model.

Thinnest needles diameter available, allowing better absorption and faster healing time.

Needles can be used for BB Glow, Microneedling, and Nano Needling treatment, depending on the types of needles.


Comes in Pack of 20 or Pack of 50



Diameter of each needle: 0.18mm

Numbers of needles: 9 Pins, 12 Pins, 36 Pins, Nano

EOS Sterilized needles

Disposable single use only.


Usage of each type of needles:

*Only for professional use*

- Nano: very fine needles that can be used for BB glow treatment or Nano needle treatment.

- 9 Pins: for small delicate areas for microneedling treatment.

- 12 Pins: most popular for Microneedling treatment

- 36 Pins: for larger areas, can be used for Microneedling face treatment and scalp for hair growth.


Dr. Pen A7 Cartridges

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