Who Should Take This Course

  • This training is suitable for both beginner in Volume and beginner to semi-intermediate in Classic lashes.

  • In this combo training​, you will learn all fundamental knowledge of eyelash extensions including Volume lashes.

  • You will also learn our unique MaiLash Speed Volume technique that completely bypasses the traditional Classic lashing. It revolutionizes our Classic lashes into Volume lashes in a much simple way that any artists can use this technique to create fuller looking lashes.

  • You will be exposed to different ways of Volume fanning, as well as tips and tricks on efficient lashing.

  • Beginner in Volume lashes will find this class helpful with not only volume fanning techniques, but also tips and tricks on lashing.

  • Beginner to semi-intermediate Classic lashers will find our MaiLash Speed Volume technique helpful in bypassing traditional classic lashing, at the same time learning volume lashes.

  • One-on-one experience during class with hands-on guidance and personal attention.

  • After taking this course, beginner lash artists feel confident to perform on clients right away.

  • Some fast learner beginners are even able to practice volume right away to blend in with the set.

  • After taking this course, intermediate lash artists will be able to do volume lashes right away, along with utilizing our Group Isolation technique to be fast and efficient in their work.

OPTION 1:  Theory & Virtual Learning


  • Mini Kit

  • Voice-over Powerpoint Lectures

  • Demo Videos on Real Clients

... so you can literally learn ANYWHERE from the comfort of your own home or while you're laying on bed, working, driving, or out and about running errands, etc.

Receive an Online Certificate of Attendance

If you need further help, register for Practical training!

OPTION 2:  Online Training & Hands-on Training with your Certified Trainer  


  • Receive your Full-sized Kit

  • Personalized Coaching to elevate your skills (2-Days)

A total personalized experience with your Certified Trainer who will teach, corrector, and show you areas that you need to improve:

  • Any struggles that currently stops you from advancing.

  • Breaking any bad habits you may have

  • Giving honest and constructive critiques to elevate your skills further more

  • Get to watch real clients/appointments are like, not just models

  • An opportunity to bring and work on your own model

Receive your Official Certificate of Completion

Hands-on Training Class Dates

Hands-on Training Class Dates

Jan 24 & 25

Feb 21 & 22

Mar 28 & 29

Apr 25 & 26

May 30 & 31

June 27 & 28

July 25 & 26

Aug 29 & 30

Sept 26 & 27

Oct 24 & 25

Nov 28 & 29

Dec 26 & 27

What's in Your Kit

Mini Kit

  • 6 Mixed Trays of Lashes all sizes 8 - 14mm

    • 0.05mm C curl

    • 0.05mm D curl

    • 0.07mm D curl

    • 0.07mm C curl

    • 0.06mm D curl

    • 0.06mm C curl

  • 1 Superior Glue

  • 2 Tweezers

    • Isolation tweezer​
    • Volume tweezer
  • A box of Practice Lashes

  • 1 Lash Palette

Full Kit includes Mini Kit and More:

  • 1 Remover

  • 1 lash palette

  • 20 Eyepads

  • 100 Applicators

  • 100 Mascara Wands

  • 100 Microswabs

  • 1 Lash foam cleanser

  • 1 Paper tape

  • 1 Medical tape

  • 1 Lash Serum

  • 1 Glue Potion

  • Tweezer Set (3 tweezers) with Magnetic Case

    • Pro-Needle Volume Tweezer

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