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Tiny Tattoo Training
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MLB Academy prepares our students to be confident in their craft while, having concrete knowledge of basic tattooing. Our private training is suitable for permanent makeup artists who want to offer Tiny Tattoo in their services. This training is focused in training you specifically at small fine line tattooing.


You will learn:

Fine Line Tattoo using single 1RL needle and 3RL needle to create fine detailed work

Basic solid shading using 3RS needle

Ombre color shading (aka. Watercolor)

How to design tattoos (you need to have an iPad Pro with an apple pencil)

How to find designs using different apps

How to print and stencil the design onto the body


There will be:

Demo Videos showing me doing on real clients

Printable booklets and practice sheets that you can download and print



Our Hands-On Training is designed as private training that is uniquely tailored each student, at any levels.

We believe in spending quality time as 1:1 with our students to fully help them step-by-step.

Hand-in-Hand guidance is an important teaching style in our trainings in order to help each student succeed.

It is impossible to provide this personal guidance when you are in a class of more than 3 students.


You will be able to practice on 2 models under trainer's supervision

MLB believes in continuous support for our students. Your journey does not end after the training.

Students are welcomed to come back to our salon for unlimited shadowing until you feel comfortable. During shadowing, students will have the opportunity to watch the instructor perform any procedures and ask any questions.


If Students wish to bring in another model for additional practice under instructor's guidance, we will be able to provide a discount.

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