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Complete PMU Training

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Mai Le has been one of the pioneers in the beauty industry with her dedication to the art of Permanent Makeup & Eyelash Extensions. Just like you, she started her career from ground up with late nights of work, whether it be servicing clients or perfecting her crafts. Just like you, many times she had stumbled along the way, wishing if someone could just be there mentoring her. She had been in your path!

Her passion has never stopped! She yearned for knowledge and seek to learn from various masters. She had trained under many world renowned masters and held over 30 certifications of trainings. Mai Le has done over 5,000 procedures since 2015. She had acquired a vast experience in both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Mai Le promises to pass down all her knowledge that she has acquired over the years through her personal trainings with you. We value a one-on-one learning experience.

We have live videos of procedures every week in our group, where you are free to ask questions engaging with your mentor; never stop learning!

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