MLB carries one of the thinnest blades in the current market, 0.18mm.  All of our blades have been sterilized with Gamma Rays. These are Flexi Blades meaning they are not Hard Blades. The differences between Flexi vs. Hard blades is that Flexi blades provides manuveribility and less traumatized for the skin.



Diameter: 0.18mm

Number of Needles: 16 Pins, 14U, 18U

Disposable - one time use only.


MLB Tips

  • Through our extensive research and experience, we have found that 0.18mm blade does least damage to the skin. The thinner the blade the better for the skin when healed. Healed results are also nicer and crispier than hard blades or thicker diameters. However, it also requires the artist to be skillful in using thin blades, as they can either cut too shallow or too deep. It is important to have experience in working with a variety of skin types.
  • Do not push hard, pins (each needle) are very thin. Pushing hard can cause one of the needle to bend.
  • *For professional use only

0.18mm | Flexi Blades

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