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You want to do something bigger than just a self-employed renting a studio.

But taking the leap into opening a full scale salon is intimidating.

How does it feel owning your own business with 100% of full support behind?

Mailash & Brows provides business support for life setting our franchise partners for success and more to come 


Working directly with the founders who, have been through all the ins and outs, ups and down of the business within this specific industry. Both Mai Le and David will have specific roles in helping you achieving success!

As a Mailash & Brows franchise partner, you will make back your initial investment within months, and gaining profit within the first 1-2 years.

We know exactly how, where and what it takes to be successful in this business. We were able to create an effective system that, will get your business to constantly generate sales and retaining talents.

In-house nationwide marketing to generate brand awareness which, in returns help you generating more traffic. We strategically help you understand where and how to allocate your dollar into marketing and advertising. Not all marketing are the same!

We are here to help you how to run a Lash and Permanent Makeup business the most efficient way that is profitable with happy clients. From how to control the technical quality of work to business aspects such as inventory, employee management, marketing, accounting and so much more! Having a business is not hard, but having a "successful" business takes all pieces of the puzzles together.

You don't have to ever worry about the products. Mailash & Brows brand is recognized within the industry. We are on the top with the most quality products in the Lash & Permanent Makeup. We have done vigorous testing and sourcing to find the best products. As our franchise partners, you will receive products at discounted wholesale price in which, you will be able to use for your salon as well as retailing them to both salon clients and professionals.

Using our MaiLash & Brows Payroll app makes everything easier for you as business owners to keep track of all employees, wages, and sales.

Mailash & Brows salon is a self-run system that, you can keep your franchise as a passive income or sell it as the value continue to increase over time.


Franchising with an existing brand gives you a complete advantage from the beginning. The brand, products, reputation and clientele are already there. You reserve the right to use everything within our proven system to replicate a successful Lash and Permanent Makeup salon!

You have the support from our franchise family. You are still owning your own business and the decision maker. We are here to provide guidance and help in many ways. Your success is our success! It is a win-win!

The roadmap and blueprint are already there for you to implement. You do not have to go through trials and errors in every way. We have already been there! We created this system because your success matters to us!

When you are self-employed, you have to start building everything from scratch. It could takes years until it is recognized or even profitable. More risks involved because of trials and errors.

You are on your own. A poor decision can lead to a disaster of losing your business. You may end up spending more money down the road on business coaching, seminars, etc.

You will need to do a lot of testing and waiting for results. As research carries on, more money will be wasted. You may find yourself in a dilemma of spending everything you have made into testings.


Initial Investment Fee


This goes towards:

  • Location and demographic research

  • Operational training for owners

  • Technical training for artists

  • Pre-openning planning

  • Marketing in preparation to grand opening

Build-Out Range

$100,000 - $150,000


  • This is just an estimation of the build-out cost being at the lowest (6-8 beds) to the highest (8 - 16 beds), depending on how big you want to go with your space.

  • Costs will also depend on your contractor, architecture, etc. You are free to choose your own or we can help giving you recommendations.

  • You are free to decorate your own salon, as long as the layout design is met.

Yearly Royalty


Corporate Royalty

  • The right to continue using Mailash & Brows brand and its system.

  • Owner and Employee Support

  • Continued education in services

  • Manager and staff trainings

  • Small scale marketing and local advertising

  • Innovations of products and services

  • Overseeing quality control


National Marketing Royalty​

  • Larger scale marketing

  • Advertising campaigns

  • Social awareness

  • Community and networking events, trade shows, etc.


What Makes Mailash & Brows unique?

What separates us from other similar franchises is that, we offer the services to very specific niche but not limiting ourselves. How many Lash salons do you see out there? And how many Lash and Permanent Makeup salon do you see? We are not just a Lash salon, we are a Lash and Permanent Makeup salon. Our system maximizes the talent of each artist through in-house quality trainings. Each of our artist is capable to provide ALL services; in returns generating more sales than just a regular lash bar.

Who Are Our Ideal Franchise Partners?

We love to team up with like-minded entrepreneurs who, have passion for the Lash & Permanent Makeup industry. We would also love to team up with new or existing Lash/PMU owners who want to take a step further in becoming more successful. 


We want someone who is hard working and striving for success. We will not give up on any of our partners, we continue to exert ourselves into helping you. We want to link hands and form our own tribe of successful business owners. Your success is our success! It's a win-win!

Are There Any Incentives?

We offer discount of Yearly Royalty to early birds and multi-franchise owners.

Being our franchise partners, you also receive all products at wholesale price meaning, you can retail our products at your own price to not only clients but, also to local Lash and PMU artists. Our product brand is recognized nationwide by the professionals.

What Services Do Mailash & Brows Offer?

As more women entering the work force, the demand for quick beauty solution is higher than ever. Our target market is busy women (whether working or stay-home) who are seeking for an easy solution to their makeup routine. Lashes and Permanent Makeup are two of our main focuses. This includes Lash Extensions, Lash Lift, Brow Lamination, Tinting, Waxing, PMU Brows - Eyebrow Microblading, Lip Blush and Eyeliner tattoo.

We do not offer facials or laser. These are out of our specialty therefore, will be hard to keep quality control. We also believe in specialization focusing in becoming the best within the specific industry to gain high traffic and clientele.

How Do I Get Started?

1. Fill out our inquiry form and our team will get in touch with you to schedule a virtual meeting.

2. You will have a chance to visit Mailash & Brows corporate salon to see how a day-to-day operation goes.

3. Next, our team will send you the MaiLash Brows Disclosure Document (FDD) for review and you have 14 days to review the document. 

4. After reviewing, you may apply for any financing if needed.

5. Once we are all decided to move forward, you will review the Franchise Agreement and sign to make your franchise official.

6. Your ownership is official! We start all the operational training, preparation for build-out and opening.

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