Welcome to MLB Academy, the training academy for Eyelash Extensions & Permanent Makeup. The founder of MaiLash & Brows, Mai Le, has been in the industry since 2012. Prior to entering the ever changing beauty industry, she completed her Bachelor Degree in Business Management and held management roles in the financial field for several years.


In 2012, Mai Le has decided to pursue her passion in the beauty industry, specifically in Eyelash Extensions and Microblading. She enrolled in various courses to sharpen and develop key skills in this profession. She then participated in competitions and conferences to further develop her skills and has earned prestigious titles - World Individual Lash Master, Certified Trainer, Master in Microblading and Fellowship of the American Academy of Micropigmentation.


Mai Le is passionate and dedicated in delivering quality artistry and maintaining the integrity and high degree of professionalism in the beauty industry. She has trained under many world renowned master artists around the globe. To name some of them are the founder of Microblading - David Zhang of David BrowArt; founder of Russian Volume Lashes - Irina Levchuk; founder of Magic Shading Powder - Sviastoslav Otchenash.


Through performing thousands of applications and procedures, she has developed her own techniques in Eyelash Extensions and approaches to the art of Eyebrows, Lash Liner, and Lip Blush.  She found so much joy and passion in sharing her knowledge and skills to assist others in pursuing their careers in this beauty industry.


MaiLash & Brows Academy, lead by Mai Le, is a training academy where quality meets artistry. The academy is offering Online Trainings, as well as Hands-On Personalized Coaching, Post-course online support.  We want to make sure we are with you, even after you have completed your training. Master instructor Mai Le believes that passion, honesty and continued support is the key to success.


Join MLB Academy! “Together we grow.” 

MaiLash & Brows Academy is accredited by Lash Inc. International since 2015.

MaiLash & Brows Academy is accredited by National Association of Lash Artists (NALA).​

Member of American Academy of Micropigmentation



Mai Le, director of MaiLash & Brows Academy extensive experiences and qualifications:​

  • 7 Years of experiences and have received over 20+ masterclasses under various masters.

  • Done over 5,000 procedures of Semi-permanent Makeup and applications in Eyelash Extensions.

  • Certified Educator by Lash Inc. International and National of Lash Artists (NALA)

  • Third place in Classic Eyelash Extensions category in the World Lash Master Competition 2015.

  • Second place in Volume Eyelash Extensions category in the Lash Summit Competition 2016.

  • Judge at the Lash Crown Championship 2017

  • Judge at the Lash Artists International Competition 2018, Lash Crown Championship 2018, Hawaiian Lash Championship 2018.​



All Certified Trainers of MaiLash & Brows Academy have completed MaiLash & Brows eyelash extension trainings and training for trainers programs.

Trainers of MaiLash & Brows are Certified Educator by National of Lash Artists (NALA)




With this fast growing industry, you need someone who always be there for you.

Imagine starting your career without a true mentor?

The definition of a true mentor is someone who is reliable who, always response to your need and guide you to the correct direction.


Being an MLB Student means you'll get many perks to come:

  • Private post course support group via Facebook and get immediate response within 24-48 hours.

  • True One-on-One experience hands-on during your personal coaching session with MLB Certified Trainer.

  • Receive 30% OFF on first order and 10% OFF after.

  • Access to all current course-related training videos & materials.

  • Access to all new videos added into your course in the future.

  • Get to learn through the comfort of your own home or virtually anywhere.Joining a network of hundreds of students, talented just like you.

  • Get to watch Live videos posted once-twice a week on course-related procedures with your membership.


ALL of our Trainings are divided into 2 Parts:



Part 1: Online Training with video lectures, video demos, video real client procedures.

- Learn virtually anywhere 

- Have more time to practice before your hands-on class

- Receive Certificate of Attendance

Part 2: Personalized Hands-on Training

- Your MLB Certified Coach will design a personalized training for you based on your need

- 2-Day training

- Full practice kit

- Receive Certificate of Completion

If you sign up for the Complete Training Package that includes Both, you will receive a Kit in advance.

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