Option 1 : Online Training $700 (PRE-REGISTER Special $350)

All-in-one Training where you will learn ALL eyebrow techniques:

🔸Ombre Powder Brows (all powder techniques)

🔸Microblading (manual hairstrokes)

🔸Microshading (Shade ; Strokes)

🔸Combo Brows (combining Powder & Microblading) ​

🔹 Mini Kit included (machine + blades, etc. see course outline)

🔹Access to over 50+ Video Demos

🔹In-depth modules on each technique and prepping you for your SPMU Brow Career

🔹Constant Online Support


This course is for you:

🔹Suitable for Beginner and Intermediate artists who want to take their skills to the next level.

🔹In-depth fundamental knowledge of PMU.

🔹All Eyebrow Techniques: Powder Brows, Microblading, Microshading, Combo Brows.

🔹Secrets to long lasting results through correct after care.

🔹MB Signature Combo Brows Technique - maximum retention of strokes & least damaging.

🔹Struggling with Brow Mapping? Learn MLB 15 minutes Brow Shaping method.



Option 2 : Online Training + Hands-on Training $2,700

🔸Full Kit included

🔸All Online Training above 3 Days Hands-on:

▪️ Day 1: Practice on Latex under supervision + Shadow opportunities on real clients

▪️ Day 2: Practice on Latex under supervision + Shadowing + Live model #1 under supervision

▪️ Day 3: Live model #2 under supervision ​


Receive a Certificate of Completion



July 5-6-7

August 16-17-18

November 15-16-17

PMU Brow Training (Ombre Powder - Microblading - Microshading - Combo Brows)

$700.00 Regular Price
$350.00Sale Price