Welcome to MaiLash & Brows, the training academy for Eyelash Extensions and Permanent Makeup. The founder of MaiLash & Brows, Mai Le, has been in the industry since 2012. Prior to entering the ever changing beauty industry, she completed her Bachelor Degree in Business Management and held management roles in the financial field for several years.


In 2012, Mai Le has decided to pursue her passion in the beauty industry, specifically in Eyelash Extensions and Microblading. She enrolled in various courses to sharpen and develop key skills in this profession. She then participated in competitions and conferences to further develop her skills and has earned prestigious titles - World Individual Lash Master, Certified Educator, Master in Microblading and Fellowship of the American Academy of Micropigmentation.


Mai Le is passionate and dedicated in delivering quality artistry and maintaining the integrity and high degree of professionalism in the beauty industry. She found so much joy and passion in developing her own techniques and approach to the art of Semipermanent Powder / Microblading Brows, Eyeliner, and Lip Blush. She has trained under MANY world renowned lash and PMU masters, all around the world. Together with many years of her own experience, she has developed techniques in which have helped hundreds of artists attain secret to retention and great applications.


MaiLash & Brows Academy, lead by Mai Le, is a training academy where quality artistry through the professional application of these skills is the focused and the passion she shares in training artists to be the best in the industry. The academy is offering post-course online support to ensure we are with you even after you have completed your training. Master instructor Mai Le believes that passion, honesty and continued support is the key to success.


Join Mai Le in sharing her passion in the art of beauty! “Together we grow.” 

Why Choosing MaiLash & Brows Academy for your Eyelash Extensions and Permanent Makeup Training?

  1. Your trainer, Mai Le has an impressive amount of trainings under many world renowned masters, together with her 7 years of experience, she brings you all the knowledge she has acquired and techniques she has developed.  

  2. She is a Certified Educator, Judge, and National Speaker at multiple events.

  3. We are an accredited training provider.

  4. Best training programs in SPMU and Eyelash Extensions.

  5. Lifelong support through Facebook academy group where, you can post questions any time and receive immediate 24-48 hours reply from our mentors and peers.

  6. An amazing full-sized student kit.

  7. In-depth learning modules.

  8. We are not a corporation that only teaches generic course materials. You will be exposed to so much more, from valuable information to insider tips, and tricks within the industry that, has never been taught before in big-named companies.

  9. Small sized class. The training is personal and attentive. Therefore, leaving no room for mistakes which, can be corrected right then and there.

  10. We understand time is valuable. Our training courses are designed to incorporate online theory. Therefore, when we meet at the in-class days, it is strictly hands-on and our time to help you develop necessary skills.

What Trainings Do We Offer?

Pixie Brows - All Powder Shading Training

Microblading & Manual Shading Training

Microblading & Machine Shading Training

Lip Blush Training

Classic Eyeliner, Lash Line Enhancement, Stardust Eyeliner Training

Combo of Advanced Classic & Volume Training

Don't have much time?

Want to Book a VIP Private Training session with Mai Le to learn all her techniques & blueprints all on one day.

This includes Training Guideline Booklets, Full day of shadowing Mai Le and her clients - in our studio to see a typical day to day operation, & a Kit of supplies.

Class is from 9:30am - 5pm with 1 hour lunch break.

Tuition: $2500

Contact us at for details!

MaiLash & Brows

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