MLB Certified Trainers

At MLB Academy, we focus in developing, recognizing uniqueness and bringing out the hidden gems inside each individual. MLB Certified Coaches will teach you all the necessary skills and techniques that, you need to succeed following MLB Academy Curriculum guidelines. At the same time, they will personalized this hands-on training program depending on your needs.


Your Certified Hands-on Training Coach.

I will design a personalized training that tailors to your needs. I will pay close attention and troubleshoot any areas that you are struggling. You also have an opportunity to watch me doing applications on real clients. I believe in giving quality for my clients and students through mentorship.

IG: @ann.mailashbrows

 Paris Nguyen

Your Certified Hands-on Training Coach.

I will personalize this training for you in teaching different MLB techniques achieving effective Classic & Volume lashing. Elevating your lashing skills to the next level by showing, correcting and troubleshooting your hand movements. You will have the opportunity to watch me performing applications on real clients.

IG: @paris.mailashbrows

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