Fougera Vitamin A & D Ointment Packets is PMU and tattoo artists' best friend during and after tattooing. Vigorous wiping during the application can make the skin feel tender and dry which, may damage it even more. By using this emollient product, the skin is soften and therefore less damaging.



- Anti-inflammatory 

- Provide moisture and sooth affected skin to a healthier condition.

- Helps tatoo and PMU appears brighter and smooth.

- Prevent formulation of scabs and melanin.



- Can be used duing tattooing to help soften the skin to take in pigments better.

- Can be used after the application as an aftercare, depending on the artist's techniques.

- Apply throughout the application.



- Comes in small packets.

- Ointment from the burdock, hibiscus, celery, thyme, snokeweed, licorice.

Vitamin A & D Ointment (pack 50)

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    • Patch test is recommended on sensitive clients.
    • Use with cautions.