MaiLash unique natural cleanser specially formulated for our lash artists and clients to keep lashes healthy. A cleaned surface is key to not only the health of natural lashes but also retention. We love the fact that it is natural, containing lots of natural ingredients and gentle to the eyes while, still being able to remove dirt and oil.



Volume:  50ml (1.7 oz)

Texture:  Foam

Key Ingredients:  Rosemary, natural seeds and leaft extracts



  • Shake bottle well before each use until the foam is mixed (there would be no sound)
  • Dispense only half a pump for each eye.
  • Use brush or applicators dilute with water to clean eyelashes.
  • Rinse and pat dry


MaiLash's Tips

  • For artists:  Best to be used before each application to ensure a clean surface for better adhesion.
  • Rinse with saline solutions to open micropores.
  • For clients:  To be used as often as needed. Only use half a pump for each eye and dilute with water before cleansing. Not recommending on using this twice/day. Once/day for makeup users is plenty. Non-makeup users can use this every other night as a cleaning routine.

Gentle Lash Foam Cleanser

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