MaiLash presents our beloved lash artists a wide selection of high quality mink lashes. We offer intensely dark lashes for our Volume lovers. Made with our pick of the finest PBT fibers from Korea, then 100% being hand-made to serve our lash artists who, seek for durability with great prices. Our special non-sticky glue strip does the trick in assisting artists to better create beautiful fans while, the lashes are still on the strip. No need to pull them off, artists can just gently lift them without bending these soft lashes. Creating fans now is just a breeze!



    •    Type of lashes: Mink 1/3 tapered

    •    Product: 16 lines

    •    Color: black

    •    Curl:  C, D

    •    Diameter: 0.07mm

    •    Suitable for: Volume eyelash extensions, can go up to 3-4D.

*** MaiLash's Tips:  use 2-3D only for weak and baby lashes.



Tweezer & Techniques:

  • Wiggle Technique:  Golden Semi-Angle or Curve Tweezer.
  • Fanning:  Pro-Volume Tweezer
  • Isolation:  Long Angled Tweeze, Curve Tweezer, Staight Tweezer.



  • Sky S+ or S for regular
  • Sky D+ for sensitive

0.07mm | Volume Lashes

$12.99 Regular Price
$11.04Sale Price
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