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The Story Behind MaiLash & Brows

6Have you ever wondered why a lot of people ended up doing something completely different than what they were intended to do? The old saying goes, "If you do what you love then, you will never work a day in your life" is a true reflection of how MaiLash & Brows was born.

Mai Le followed her family's wish of graduating with a Bachelor Degree in Business Management and moved into corporate life woking in the banking industry. In 2013, she came across an article about a female entrepreneur who, quit her finance job to do eyelash extensions. She was amazed, tried out lashes, loved them, and took training but never made it to a career turn over. A year later, she hit the rock bottom in her life and decided to tap back into her dream and passion for the lash and permanent makeup industry. She worked day and night whether, it be perfecting her skills or taking clients. She made it work! In 2015, she rented a small studio with just herself. Within 2 years, MaiLash & Brows was expanded to a store-front location and doubled the size within the next years.

Over the years, Mai Le has taken trainings from over 30 masters around the globe in refining her craft in Lash Extensions and Permanent Makeup. This has given her a complete advantage in opening doors to sourcing out the best products to be utilized within the industry. She is often invited to conferences as a speaker or judge. Quality is her number 1 priority in providing services to clients, as well as training students.

David Nguyen, her husband on the other hand, has a much successful background in being a 10+ years in Aerospace Engineer. When his wife, Mai Le told him of her dream and passion, he wasn't sure exactly what that was, but trusted and supported his wife with the back-ends of the business. Within a short amount of time MaiLash & Brows was able to expand, it became clear that David would need to take part in the business full time in order to bring MaiLash & Brows to the next level.

Today, our company continues to grow bringing the best products to professionals and services to clients. We are more than a company that provides services and products. We are a brand that reflects hard-working individuals, a brand that empowers people to be independent entrepreneurs.

We want to link hands with like-minded individuals who, want to become business owners through franchising with MaiLash & Brows. You will be working directly with the founders and their team. They have gone through "everything" you will be going through as new business owners, from the emotional roller coasters of switching careers, self-doubt, to the technicality of the business such as employee management, marketing and advertising, quality control and trainings, payroll and HR, accounting and finances, etc.

With a franchise, you have a whole team behind you who cares about the success of your business just as much as you do.

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