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PMU Lip Blush Training: Advance Your Beauty Career

Permanent makeup (PMU) has taken the beauty industry by storm. Therefore, PMU Lip Blush Training is an essential part of any aspiring artist's journey. A comprehensive course, such as the one offered by, can elevate your skills from beginner to advanced, setting you up for success in this competitive field.


PMU Lip Blush, also known as Permanent Makeup Lip Blush. This is an aesthetic tattooing method aimed at boosting the innate appearance and hue of the lips. Interestingly, this semi-permanent cosmetic treatment employs a blend of pigments, meticulously chosen to align with or accentuate the client's skin tone and preferred lip shade. The goal is to achieve a more distinct lip contour, rectify imbalances, and establish a plumper, rejuvenated look.

Throughout the procedure, an adept technician utilizes a fine needle to infuse the pigments into the top layers of the skin. Therefore, yielding a subtle and natural-looking tint. While the technique bears similarities to conventional tattooing, the outcome is more refined and generally endures for 1-3 years, subject to factors such as personal habits, skin type, and aftercare regimen.


MLB Training is designed to cater to students at all levels, providing 1:1 private training tailored to individual needs. This course is suitable for both new artists with no experience in PMU and experienced artists. As a result, they are looking to advance their skills. The curriculum covers Natural Lip Blush, Lipstick Effect, and Dark Lip Neutralization techniques, with job shadowing opportunities included.

Ongoing Support for Continued Success

MLB believes in continuous support for its students, even after the training is completed. You are welcome to return to the salon for unlimited shadowing until you feel comfortable. Moreover, additional practice under the instructor's guidance is available at a discounted rate. The focus is on your journey and helping you become a successful PMU artist.


With the flexibility of online and in-person courses, you can choose the best format for your learning style. Both options come with kits to support your training. To be clear, the in-person course including practice on two live models for hands-on experience. MLB alumni receive a 10% discount on pigments, and post-course support is available via a Facebook group.

In-Person Course Details: A Comprehensive Learning Experience

The in-person course combines online theory with two days of hands-on training. This format ensures that you have a solid foundation in the theoretical aspects of PMU Lip Blush. Then. you can dive into practical techniques with the instructor.

Day 1 focuses on shaping and lip blush techniques. In contrast, Day 2 is dedicated to practising live models and receiving your certificate.

Online Lip Blush Training: Learn at Your Own Pace

For those who prefer to learn at their own pace, the Online Lip Blush Training offers in-depth theory and video training, with unlimited access to online learning for one year. This option is ideal for artists with prior PMU experience who want to further their skills and knowledge. Finally, we will include A Mini Kit and online certificate upon completion.


Mai Le is a highly skilled expert and a trailblazer in the beauty sector, focusing on Permanent Makeup and Eyelash Extensions. Like many budding artists, Mai embarked on her career from scratch, dedicating herself to refining her abilities and overcoming various obstacles. She recognizes the challenges faced in this competitive landscape and the importance of guidance.

Fueled by her passion for learning, Mai sought instruction from numerous masters and has acquired over 30 certifications. Since 2015, she has performed more than 5,000 procedures, amassing an incredible wealth of both theoretical understanding and hands-on expertise.

Mai Le is always eager to share her knowledge with her students through tailored, one-on-one training sessions. By offering live videos of procedures every week in the support group, she provides the opportunity for students to interact with their mentors and ask questions, ensuring they continue to learn and grow on their path to becoming successful PMU professionals.


PMU Lip Blush Training is an essential investment for anyone looking to excel in the beauty industry. With comprehensive courses, ongoing support, and the expertise of Mailashbrows, you are ready to thrive in this competitive field. So why wait? Enrol in a MLB course today and unlock your full potential as a PMU artist.


Q1: Can beginners enrol in the PMU Lip Blush Training?

A1: Yes, the PMU Lip Blush Training is suitable for beginners with no prior experience in PMU, as well as experienced artists looking to advance their skills.

Q2: What is the difference between online and in-person courses?

A2: The online course focuses on theory and video training, while the in-person course combines online theory with hands-on practice on live models. Both options provide valuable learning experiences, but the in-person course may be more suitable for those seeking hands-on practice.

Q3: What kind of support can I expect after completing the PMU Lip Blush Training?

A3: After completing the training, you'll have access to ongoing support from This includes unlimited shadowing at their salon, the opportunity to practice on additional models under the instructor's guidance at a discounted rate, and access to a Facebook group for post-course support and networking with fellow alumni.

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