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Permablend Pigment

Permanent makeup and beauty tattooing has steadily grown in popularity among people seeking to achieve their aesthetic aspirations. People are always wondering about how permanent makeup works and how these hues are developed to fit and enhance natural skin tones before going underneath the needle. Permablend Pigment offers pigments that can alter colours to settle in your skin.

MaiLash & Brows offers a wide range of products from Permablend Pigment to semi-permanent makeup professionals to perform all aesthetic cosmetic procedures.


There is a wide range of products offered by Permablend Pigment for beauty professionals to cater to all of their semi-permanent and permanent makeup needs. Their offerings include:

  • I V INK Brow Pigments

  • Microblades Eye Pencils Lip Trios

  • I 0 INK Lip Pigments Needle

  • Cartridges Lip Pencils

  • Lip Duos Perma Blend

  • Brow Pigments

  • Numbing Cream

  • Lip Blush Stains

  • Brow Collection Perma Blend Lip

  • Pigments Aftercare Envy Lip Collection Modifiers & Correctors

  • Disposables Lust Lip Collection

  • Eyeliner Pigments

  • Latex Practice Skin Pad

  • Tina Davies Areola Pigments

  • Microblade Starter Pack

  • Scalp Pigments Evenflo Colours

  • Brow Set Paramedical Pigments


MaiLash offers a wide selection of various beautiful colours of Permablend pigments that will make your eyebrows look fuller and vibrant.

Ash Brown Ash Brown is a lovely medium ash brown hue created by a mid-value, cool pigment with a yellow base. Ideal for your customers who want an ash-based eyebrow.

Grey A cool grey pigment with a yellow base with a mid to dark value. It's ideal for people who have salt and pepper hair. Ranges from a lovely light to a dark grey tone.

Blonde It is a yellow-based warm, light-value pigment. Ideal for individuals with blonde hair who want a more natural look. The result is a lovely light taupe tint. Medium Brown This is a warm, mid-value colour with an orange undertone. Clients who like a rich, natural brown hue that is neither too light nor too dark will love this.

Bold It is a homogeneous Permablend pigment with a deep value and a reddish undertone. Ideal for those that want a brighter, more powerful design. The result is a blackish-brown that is flat and without warmth.

Ebony This is a cool-toned black colour with a yellowish base. It's ideal for individuals who want a really dramatic brow with a matte black finish.

Sunset A bright yellow hue with a reddish base, mild value. It can be used alone or as a warm-up agent. It's ideal for individuals who have strawberry-blonde hair, have cooler skin tones, or like a golden tint.


A is a warmer reddish-brown colour with an orangish base that has an intermediate value. It's ideal for redheads who want mild consistency and a lot of colour in their hair, giving a lovely crimson warm brown.

Choose Mailash & Brows For The Best Permablend Pigment And Long-Lasting Makeup! MaiLash & Brows take utmost care in analyzing your objectives and skin tone while designing products for permanent makeup such as Permablend Pigment that may enhance your entire appearance. We will be delighted to assist you if you wish to reap the benefits of tattooed cosmetic products!

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