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Lip Blush Training: Unlock Your Potential with MaiLash&Brows

In the world of permanent makeup, lip blush is gaining popularity as a sought-after treatment. As a professional makeup artist or someone looking to enter the industry, mastering this skill can greatly enhance your career prospects. Therefore, MaiLash&Brows offers a comprehensive Lip Blush training program. As a result, the course caters to both beginners and experienced artists. In this article, we'll delve into the details of the Lip Blush training course, the benefits of choosing MaiLash&Brows, and the support you can expect after completing the course.


Course Content and Techniques

First, The Lip Blush Training course offered by MaiLash&Brows covers a range of techniques to ensure students are well-prepared for any client request. The curriculum includes:

  1. Natural Lip Blush: A subtle enhancement that gives the lips a natural-looking tint.

  2. Lipstick Effect: A more dramatic and defined look, similar to wearing lipstick.

  3. Dark Lip Neutralization: A technique to neutralize and correct dark lips to achieve a more balanced colour.

In addition, for these techniques, students will also learn how to draw the correct lip shape, shading techniques, and colour theory for dark lip neutralization. Moreover, you will be instructed on how to use different types of needles for optimal results in minimal time.

Training Options

Interestingly, MaiLash&Brows offers two training options to suit different learning styles and requirements:

  1. Online Course: A comprehensive online program, featuring in-depth theory lessons and video demonstrations. Students have unlimited access to online learning materials for one year. The online course comes with a Mini Kit for practice.

  2. In-Person Course: A hands-on learning experience that focuses on practical application and live model practice. The in-person course includes a full Pro Kit, with students having the option to choose between 1:1 training for $2,500 or 2:1 training for $1,800.

Finally, the in-person course includes online theory lessons that students must complete before attending the hands-on sessions. This ensures that the instructor can dedicate more time to teaching the technical aspects and practical skills during the in-person training.


A Passionate and Experienced Mentor

Mai Le, the driving force behind MaiLash&Brows, is a pioneer in the beauty industry. Therefore, she has an unwavering dedication to the art of permanent makeup and eyelash extensions. Moreover, having started her career from the ground up, she understands the challenges that aspiring artists face and has experienced the same late nights of work, perfecting her craft and serving clients.

Lastly, Mai Le's passion for learning and self-improvement led her to train under numerous world-renowned masters, earning over 30 certifications. Since 2015, she has successfully completed more than 5,000 procedures, amassing a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Commitment to Personalized Learning

First, understanding the value of mentorship from her own experience, Mai Le is dedicated to providing a one-on-one learning experience for her students. Second, her commitment to sharing her knowledge, combined with her extensive experience, makes her an exceptional instructor and mentor for those looking to advance in the world of permanent makeup.

Ongoing Support and Engagement

First, Mai Le believes in the importance of continuous learning and actively engages with her students through live videos of procedures in her group. Students can freely ask questions and benefit from Mai Le's expertise on a regular basis, ensuring they always stay on top of the latest techniques and industry trends.

Second, with Mai Le as your instructor, you can expect a personalized, supportive, and engaging learning experience that will help you develop your skills, boost your confidence, and propel your career forward in the beauty industry. Trust in her expertise and commitment to student success, and embark on your journey to mastering the art of lip blush and beyond with MaiLash&Brows.


The in-person Lip Blush Training course consists of two full days of hands-on practice. The schedule is as follows:

Day 1: Shaping and Lip Blush Techniques

  1. How to draw the correct lip shape

  2. Mai Le's signature shaping techniques

  3. Pre-inked string mapping method and concealing

  4. Natural framed vs. defined frame

  5. Natural lip blush vs. lipstick effect

  6. Mai Le's signature lip blush techniques (2-hour treatment)

  7. Colour Theory for dark lip neutralization

  8. Correct shading pressure and motion

  9. Using different types of needles for maximum results in minimal time

  10. Practising different types of latex skins

Day 2: Live Models and Certification

  1. Practice on live model #1

  2. Practice on live model #2

  3. Certification ceremony

Live models for the in-person training are provided by MaiLash&Brows. These models come from social media and have signed up to receive free procedures. Most importantly, the instructor has no control over the models' preferred technique. If students have their own models (friends or family) who would like to receive the treatment, they should inform MaiLash&Brows in advance.

Benefits and Support

Most importantly, MaiLash&Brows takes pride in providing an exceptional learning experience. Therefore, the course is filled with numerous benefits and support for students:

  1. MLB alumni receive a 10% discount on pigments (Permablend, Evenflo, Brow Daddy).

  2. Access to ongoing support and guidance from experienced instructors who are dedicated to helping students succeed.

  3. Opportunity to join a post-course support group via Facebook, where students can connect with fellow artists, share experiences, and ask questions.

  4. Job shadowing opportunities for students to gain real-world experience and observe the instructor as they perform procedures.

  5. Continuous post-course support, including unlimited shadowing at the salon and discounted additional practice sessions with instructor guidance.

Therefore, MaiLash&Brows believe in the importance of continued learning and support, ensuring that students feel confident in their skills and have access to the resources they need to excel in their careers.


While the in-person Lip Blush Training course is highly recommended for new artists, MaiLash&Brows also offers an online training option for those who prefer to learn at their own pace. Moreover, the online course is an excellent choice for experienced permanent makeup artists. That is to say, those who are looking to expand their skills and knowledge. The Online Lip Blush Training course includes:

  1. Complete in-depth theory and video training

  2. Unlimited access to online learning materials for one year

  3. A Mini Kit for practice

  4. An online certificate upon completion

For us, it's important to note that the online training is not meant to substitute the in-person training for new artists, as the hands-on experience is crucial for developing practical skills. However, the online course can greatly benefit experienced artists who wish to enhance their knowledge and techniques.


Overall, MaiLash&Brows Lip Blush Training is a comprehensive and personalized course that caters to the unique needs of both beginners and experienced artists. Above all, with various training options, in-depth course content, and ongoing support, students will feel confident and well-prepared to excel in their careers as permanent makeup artists. Don't miss the opportunity to unlock your potential and take your skills to new heights with MaiLash&Brows Lip Blush Training.


  • What is the duration of the in-person Lip Blush Training course?

The in-person course includes online theory lessons and two full days of hands-on training.

  • What kind of certification will I receive after completing the Lip Blush Training course?

Upon successful completion of the course, students receive a certificate from MaiLash&Brows as proof of their expertise in Lip Blush techniques.

  • Is there a refund policy for the Lip Blush Training course?

For specific information on refund policies, it's best to contact MaiLash&Brows directly to discuss your concerns.

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