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Lip Blush Training Kit: MaiLash & Brows' Offerings

Lip blushing is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing technique. This has emerged as a popular way to enhance the natural colour and shape of lips. Like any specialized skill, mastering lip blushing requires effective training and the right tools. This is where a lip blush training kit comes into play.


Overall, a lip blush training kit is an all-inclusive package of tools and supplies. Therefore, they are needed to practice and perfect the art of lip blushing. These kits typically include a micro pigmentation device, different types of needles, a variety of lip-blushing pigments, topical anesthetics, disposable gloves, pigment rings, measuring tools, practice skins, aftercare products, and cleaning supplies.


MaiLash & Brows, a reputable name in permanent makeup, offers comprehensive lip blush training courses that come with specialized training kits. These kits are designed to equip aspiring and experienced artists with the tools they need to confidently perform lip-blushing procedures.

Mini Kit and Full Pro Kit

MaiLash & Brows offers two types of lip blush training kits. Overall, we have a Mini Kit for online courses and a full Pro Kit for in-person courses.

The Mini Kit is designed to provide the essential tools for learners starting their journey in lip blushing. It includes a PMU Wireless Machine, Biotech pigment for practice, 5 each of 1R and 3R needles, 10 pigment rings and cups, 3 latex skins, and a pigment cup holder.

The Full Pro Kit is a more extensive set, curated to support in-depth, hands-on training during in-person courses. It includes a Professional PMU Bag, Mast Tour Amy Wireless Machine, a bottle of Biotech pigment for practice, 4 bottles of Evenflo x Permablend Professional Pigments (enough for 30 clients), 10 each of 1RL and 3RL needles, 20 pigment rings and cups, 3 latex skins, a pigment cup holder, and various other accessories like applicators, spoolies, micro swabs, secondary numbing, gel pens, a brow ruler, and a string measurement tool.

These kits support learning during the course. Moreover, they also serve as a starter pack for artists to kickstart their lip-blushing services post-training.

Online Courses and the Mini Kit

For online courses, students receive the Mini Kit. Clearly, this kit includes all the necessary items to learn the basics of lip blushing. This kit is designed with the understanding that online students may be beginners. Therefore, they are learning at their own pace, and might not need the extensive range of supplies included in the Pro Kit at the beginning of their journey.

In-person Courses and the Full Pro Kit

In addition, the in-person courses, are more intensive and hands-on. Therefore, students in these courses receive the Full Pro Kit, which includes a broader range of tools, supplies, and pigments. This kit prepares the students for the practical aspects of the course. It also sets them up for professional practice after the training.


Lip blush training kits, like those provided by MaiLash & Brows, offer numerous advantages that contribute significantly to the learning experience and eventual professional success of students.

Hands-on Experience: The training kits allow students to gain hands-on experience with professional-grade tools and supplies. This practical experience is invaluable, leading to better technique, greater confidence, and ultimately, superior results.

Standardized Learning: The kits help to standardize learning, ensuring every student has access to the same quality resources. This promotes fairness and uniformity in the learning environment. Moreover, it allows students to focus solely on mastering the skills rather than worrying about the quality of their tools.

Preparation for Professional Services: The kits, especially the Full Pro Kit offered for in-person courses, are designed not only to support learning during the period but also to serve as a starter pack for artists to begin their lip-blushing services post-training. They include a variety of professional pigments and multiple types of needles. Therefore, giving students a head start in their professional journey.

Economic Efficiency: The kit is economically efficient, providing students with all the necessary tools and supplies in one package. This saves students the time and effort of sourcing these items individually, which can be a daunting and costly task.


In conclusion, in the dynamic world of cosmetic tattooing, having the right training and tools is crucial. Lip blush training kit, such as one offered by MaiLash & Brows, provide an all-in-one solution for those seeking to learn and excel in the art of lip blushing. By investing in a comprehensive training kit, you're taking a significant step towards mastery in this field.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is in the MaiLash & Brows Lip Blush Training Kit?

The Mini Kit, offered with online courses, includes essential lip-blushing tools, including a PMU Wireless Machine, Biotech pigment for practice, needles, pigment rings and cups, latex skins, and a pigment cup holder. The Full Pro Kit, included in the in-person courses, provides a more extensive selection of professional-grade supplies, including a professional PMU bag, Mast Tour Amy Wireless Machine, Evenflo x Permablend Professional Pigments, multiple needles, pigment rings and cups, latex skins, a pigment cup holder, and various other accessories.

  • Why is the Lip Blush Training Kit important?

Overall, the Lip Blush Training Kit is important as they provide students with the necessary tools and supplies to learn and practice the technique of lip blushing. They offer hands-on experience with professional-grade tools, leading to better technique and greater confidence. Additionally, they help standardize learning and ensure all students have access to the same quality resources.

  • Can I start offering lip blush services after completing the MaiLash & Brows training course?

Yes, completing the MaiLash & Brows lip blush training course and practising with the provided training kit should equip you with the necessary skills and confidence to start offering lip blush services. However, continuous practice is essential.

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