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Eyelash Extension Training Courses At MaiLash & Brows

The lash market is anticipated to reach $1.5 billion in five years, which will astonish you. In the cutthroat beauty market, eyelash extension application is one of the fastest-growing areas.

Understanding the extension industry may help you in the long term and offer doors to several job choices, whether you're a budding eyelash artist or a salon owner. If you want to acquire or improve your lash extension application abilities, there are a plethora of Eyelash Extension Training courses available.


We at MaiLash & Brows are certain that quality education in the Beauty and Wellness business may provide aspiring young wings to fly. Our mission is strongly ingrained in us, and it shines through in everything we do.

We are changing the lives of many individuals every year, the majority of whom are women, by imparting international standards of beauty training and generating highly competent students with well-paid employment opportunities all over the world.

Over the years, prominent assessors have bestowed various accolades to MaiLash for Hair, Skin, and Makeup and Eyelash extension training Courses.


This eyelash extension training package includes demonstration & practices Video Library 2 Stunning Manuals that are Available for Download. This eyelash extension training course comes with two options:

Option 1: Theory And Online Learning

  • Miniature Kit

  • Powerpoint Lectures with Voice-Over

  • Demonstration Videos with Real Clients

​Amidst the pandemic, we are all worried about getting out. This eyelash extension training program is specifically designed so that you can study from the comfort of your own home, whether lying in bed, working, commuting, or out and about conducting errands, and so on.

Get a Certificate of Attendance over the Internet.

Option 2: Online And On-The-Job Training With A Certified Trainer

This eyelash extension training program includes personalised coaching to help you improve the abilities of the students and help them understand all the minute details of eyelash extensions. You will receive your full-sized kit with this course. ​You will be given an official Certificate of Completion.

It will be a completely individualised experience with your Certified Trainer, who will educate, correct, and demonstrate areas where you may improve:

  • Any difficulties that are now preventing you from progressing.

  • Getting rid of whatever unhealthy habits you could have

  • Giving honest and constructive feedback to help you improve your abilities.

  • Get a glimpse of what real clients/appointments are like, rather than simply models.

  • An opportunity to bring your own model and work on it.


This eyelash extension training course is appropriate for both beginners and intermediates in Volume and Classic lashes.

You will master all of the fundamentals of eyelash extensions, particularly volume lashes, in this combination instruction. You'll also learn how to use our MaiLash Speed Volume method, which eliminates the need for conventional lashing entirely. It transforms our classic lashes into volume lashes in such a straightforward manner that any makeup professional may use it to produce lusher lashes.

Various methods of Volume fanning will be demonstrated in this eyelash extension training program, as well as tips and techniques for successful lashing. Volume lash beginners will benefit from this session, which includes not only volume fanning methods but it will also include lashing tips and tricks.

The MaiLash Speed Volume method will assist beginners to semi-intermediate Classic lashers skip classic lashing while learning volume lashes. Throughout the class, you will get one-on-one supervision and practical learning assistance. Novice lash artists will feel secure performing on customers immediately after completing this training.

Some quick learners can even practice loudness straight away to blend in with the rest of the group. Proficient lash artists will be able to produce volume lashes straight immediately after completing this course, as well as use our Group Isolation technique to be more successful in their job.

Interested in eyelash extension training courses? Register immediately at MaiLash!

MaiLash is dedicated to using the finest quality methods in all aspects of our students’ skill development and in delivering services to our clients.

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