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Eyelash Extension Supplier

With an aim to provide you with high-quality beauty products, MaiLash & Brows takes pride in being a premium quality eyelash extension supplier. We have a wide selection of semi-permanent makeup products from top brands and that too at an affordable price. We strive to give professionals assistance in permanent makeup and eyelash extensions.

Explore our wide range of collections of eyelash extensions, eyeliner tattoos, and so on from leading brands. Place your order online or schedule a call to learn more.


MaiLash & Brows is an eyelash extension supplier that connects with top brands. Be it LivBay Lash or PLA Lash Supply. We aim to bring you high-quality falsies at reasonable prices. Take a look at the brands associated with us: -

  • LivBay - MaiLash & Brows bring you a wide range of eyelashes from LivBay. An expert in eyelash extensions, LivBay is known for its sassiness, aimed to give you the perfect eyelash experience.

  • PLA - PLA is another brand associated with MaiLash & Brows. PLA Lashes come in different volumes, colours and lengths, giving you many options to choose from.

  • PMU - Another fabulous brand associated with MaiLash & Brows is PMU. From eyelash accessories to what not! PMU is a realisable brand.


At MaiLash, we aim to deliver the best purchasing experience to our clients. We offer an abundance of products for individuals as well as professionals.

  • Keep in Mind The Length

An Eyelash is only beautiful when it is chosen in the right length.

So while making a purchase from an eyelash extension supplier, be sure to add different lengths.

MaiLash & Brows has something for every need!

  • Look For The Curl Type

Even eyelashes have different curl types, type A, type B, type C.

MaiLash & Brows gives you the liberty to choose from a wide range of curled eyelash extensions.

Curls play an important part in how an eyelash looks, and different eyes need different curls!

  • Keep Volume Of The Lash In Mind

A young woman might need a thick lash, whereas another might want to go with light ones. Eyelashes show their full effect when chosen in the right volume, i.e. it needs to go along with your outfit and makeup.

We know that the volume of an eyelash is equally important as its length and curl.

MaiLash & Brows takes into consideration every aspect and offers you high-quality products.

  • Choose Eyelash According To Your Eye Shape

Among all the other factors, the most important thing to keep in mind is the eye shape among all the other factors.

Every eye shape is different; there’s hooded eye, almond-shaped, generic, and many others.

MaiLash takes this into account and provides a whole collection based on different eye shapes.


As important as choosing an eyelash is, so is choosing the right eyelash accessories!

MaiLash & Brows knows this and keeps a wide variety of accessories that will fit your needs.

Before you order eyelash accessories supply, you consider a few factors so that your eyelash stays on for long hours without causing irritation or itching.

While choosing lash accessories, one needs to consider: -

  • Sensitivity

  • Speed

  • Preference

  • Retention


What makes MaiLash & Brows different from other eyelash extension suppliers and eyelash accessories supply chains? It is a simple fact that we aim to assist professionals in every way possible with eyelash extensions and permanent makeup.

Check out our collection of falsies and other lash accessories, including eyelash accessories.

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