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Discovering The True Cost Complete PMU Training in Arizona | MaiLash & Brows

Everyone wants to look their best, and permanent makeup (PMU) has emerged as a revolutionary way to enhance natural beauty. If you have been fascinated by this transformative art and are considering turning your passion into a profession, let's embark on this enlightening journey together and find out the cost complete PMU training.


In the realm of beauty, Permanent Makeup (PMU) is an exquisite art that uses tattooing techniques to deliver the illusion of makeup. But it's not all about the aesthetics. PMU brings convenience, confidence, and an added sparkle to the everyday life of anyone who gets it.

PMU training, thus, is a journey. It’s about understanding the delicate balance of art and science, and learning to respect individuality. Moreover, mastering the skill of highlighting natural beauty. It involves the intricate study of facial structures, color theory, skincare, safety standards, and ethical practices.

During PMU training, you are introduced to a variety of techniques such as microblading, microshading, ombre powder brows, and PMU applications for lips and eyeliners. It's a world that opens up a universe of possibilities for you and those whose lives you will touch.


Investing in a complete PMU training course is like planting a seed for a future blooming with opportunities. Yes, there is a cost complete PMU training, but it's a cost that paves the way to a fulfilling and financially rewarding career.

So, how much should you anticipate spending for complete PMU training in Arizona? Generally, the cost complete PMU training can vary, depending on factors such as the comprehensiveness of the course, the reputation of the institution, and the expertise of the instructors.

However, for a top-tier complete PMU training course in Arizona, such as the one offered by MaiLash & Brows, you can expect to invest around $2,500. This includes online training plus 8 to 10 days of hands-on training, a full pro kit for brows, lips, and eyeliner, and countless opportunities for shadowing in a salon setting.


Imagine a training program that is tailored to your learning speed, where the trainer walks with you every step of the way, nurturing your skills and instilling in you the confidence you need to shine. This is exactly what the Complete PMU Training at MaiLash & Brows offers.

The training at MaiLash & Brows is not just about learning; it’s about experiencing. With a focus on practical knowledge, the training encourages students to learn. Therefore, perfect their techniques on latex before transitioning to live models. This ensures a solid foundation of skills and a boosted confidence level.

The course starts with understanding different brow techniques, moves to lip shaping and measuring, and covers eyeliner techniques. Moreover, it allows you to work under supervision on live models. And, the learning doesn’t stop there. With 2 optional days for additional practice, MaiLash & Brows goes the extra mile to ensure you feel supported. So, be ready to take on the world of beauty.


In the heart of this life-changing journey stands a figure of inspiration - Mai Le. She is not just your instructor; she's your mentor, your guide, and your biggest cheerleader. With her expert knowledge and impassioned teaching, Mai Le doesn’t just teach PMU techniques, she teaches the art of transforming lives.

Having years of experience under her belt, Mai has a deep understanding of the industry. She shares her expertise and trade secrets generously, always rooting for you to achieve your full potential. Under her watchful eye, you won’t just learn; you’ll grow.

Mai is known for her dedicated 1:1 instruction, focusing on both technical and practical aspects of the training. Her ultimate goal is to help you develop the correct hand movement to create beautiful work. Through her guidance, you'll understand the beauty of different skin types and master various procedures in a salon setting.


Investing in complete PMU training is about so much more than the monetary aspect. It’s about investing in yourself, your passion, and your future. With the comprehensive training provided by MaiLash & Brows, you will not only receive the knowledge and skills you need to succeed, but also gain a lifelong mentor in Mai Le. Embrace this opportunity and begin your journey towards a fulfilling career in PMU. The cost complete PMU training is not an expense, but a step towards the realization of your dreams.


Q1: What is included in the cost complete PMU training at MaiLash & Brows?

The cost includes online theory, 8 to 10 days of hands-on training, In addition, you will have a full professional kit for brows, lips, and eyeliner. Moreover, you will get access to additional practice and job shadowing if needed.

Q2: What makes the PMU training at MaiLash & Brows unique?

MaiLash & Brows offers a tailored learning experience, providing 1:1 or 2:1 instruction. The course focuses heavily on practical skills, allowing students to learn on latex and live models under direct supervision.

Q3: How does Mai Le contribute to the PMU training at MaiLash & Brows?

Mai Le is not just an instructor but a mentor and guide. She offers personalized instruction, shares her expertise generously, and focuses on helping students master the techniques necessary to create beautiful, transformative work.

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