**BB Glow CLEARANCE. We will not be carrying BB Glow products. All current BB Glow products MUST GO**Stayve Whitening & Lifting Pack is the highest quality skin care set that is aimed to whiten and lift the skin effectively.  Benefits:- It absorbs and removes toxins and dead skin.- Has a powerful lifting and wrinkle reducing effect. - The process gives an excellent whitening effect, giving the skin a radiant glow.- With consisten use of this product, your skin will absorb ingredients better . Product Specifications:- Whitening & Lifting pack contains 10 cups, 6ml each.- Whitening & Lifting polymer - 10 bottles, 1ml each.- Whitening & Lifting cream - 1 bottle, 30g.- Made in South Korea. Descriptions:- Stayve Whitening & Lifting Pack can be used for salon or at home as a regular lifting skin care. Directions:1. Wash your face and pat dry.2. Open the Lifting Pack to the dotted line.3. Add the Polymer4. Gently shake for 30 seconds until it turns to a gel consistency.5. Apply to face with a brush, startig from the bottom of the face in an upward motion.6. Leave the prodcut on for 20-30 minutes . As it dries, you will notice it pulls (lift) the skin up.7. Rinse the product off with luke warm water.8. Apply peptide cream to complete the treatment. MaiLash & Brows BB Glow Tips:- For best effect, use with Stayve Dermawhite BB Glow ampoule.- Use with MTS pen and nano needles.

Whitening & Lifting Pack

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