TRIGAPIXEL Tattoo Cartridge is suitable for most rotary machines. Sterilized needles are made to do precise Permanent Makeup art. Each TRIGAPIXEL needle went through quality check point ensuring needle is not bent and as thin and sharp as possible, reducing damage on the skin surface.



- EO Gas sterilize

- Single use disposable needles

- No hassle of installing tattoo needles in and out. Simply just pop it in, twist to lock and use.

- 0.25mm diameter of needles provides pixelated result hence, super natural looking healed result.



Each size comes in a box of 20 Single disposalbe needles



0801RL = 0.25mm 1RL

1001RL - 0.30mm 1RL

0.803RS = 0.25mm 3RS

0803RL = 0.25mm 3RL



RS : round shader is used for shading on areas like lips or eyebrows

RL: round liner is used for both liner and shading for eyeliners or eyebrows.

TRIGAPIXEL Tattoo PMU Cartridge

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