Stayve AC Stem Cell Gold Ampoule is an amazing product that can be used duing or after MTS treatment. It contains various plant stem cells that give superb moisturizing effect while, eases and soothes acne because of the Centella Asiastica. It also contains 99.9% pure gold powder that provides brighteing effect by clearing and purifying complexion.



- Various plant stem-cells

- Great for acne

- For revitalizing, repair and generation of cells


Product Specifications:

- Number of ampoule per box:  10 ampoules.

- 8ml each

- Made in South Korea.



- Stayve Ampoule products are intended for professionals who, have been trained in Meso Therapy System (MTS) treatment.

- Store in a cool dry place.

- Product should be used within 28 days of opening.

- Be sure to tighten the cap using the plug to keep it from air.


MaiLash & Brows BB Glow Tips:

- For best effect, use with Stayve Dermawhite BB Glow ampoule.

- Use with MTS pen and nano needles.


Key Ingredients:

Niacinamide, various of plant-cells.

AC Stem Cell Gold Ampoule

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