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Seek no further if you have been wanting to try the legendary Sky adhesives. MaiLash is one of the official distributors of Sky Adhesives imported directly from its manufacturer. Monthly batch delivery to ensure quality and freshness of glue for our Sky lovers. We love this glue as it still has the ability to perform very well under tough weather conditions in certain States (e.g. Arizona).



  • Volume:  5ml
  • Active Ingreditent: Cyanoacrylate
  • Formaldehyde, Latex Free
  • Drying Time:  1-2 seconds
  • Viscosity:  Thin
  • Fume level:  High
  • Retention level:  6 weeks
  • Ideal Temperature:  Best 70 - 74F,  Good 74 - 76F,  ability to still perform in tough condition as high as 76 - 78F
  • Ideal Humidity:  Best 43 - 55%, Good 37 - 46%, ability to still perform in touch condition as low as 25 - 36%
  • Conditions may change or varies depending on each geographical area and lashing environment



  • Classic lashers:  Master to advanced level
  • Volume lashers: Master level
  • Storage unopened:  4 months, to be stored in temperature between 3-7 degree Celcius.
  • Storage opened:  1 month, to be stored in room temperature in a dark dry place, in the thermal bag with silica gel packet included.
  • Do not put glue back to the fridge once opened.
  • Allow glue to come to room temperature 24 hours before openning to use.


MaiLash's Tips

Due to the thin viscosity, you would need to pick up a litlle more glue than with Sky Blue S.

Both S+ and S are similar in specifications, S+ can perform in tougher condition such as low humidity.

Follow MaiLash's 4-Steps to Great Retention.

Sky Black S+ (pack of 2)

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