Option 1: This is Online Training 


+  Ombre Powder Brows, my Pixie Brows technique, all other shading techniques and a touch on + Combo Brows

+  Consists all Theory & Video Lectures so you can listen to, if you don't have time to read.

+  Access to Practice Videos Library.

+  Access to Demo Videos Library on real clients.

+  Mini Kit is included (Duora machine)


Option 2: Online Training + Hands-on Training with Mai Le (3-Days)


+  Full Kit is included (Mini Kit sends out to you first, the rest will be given at Hands-on training day)

+  This phase is for artists who need actual hands-on and technical skill troubleshooting.

+  This is the most important phase to help artists truly advance their skills.

+  During this personalized session, your trainer will show you the proper technique by demonstrating on her model, watch your hand movement & pressure to correct any mistakes. You also have a choice to bring your own if you would like your trainer to observe and guide you through your own process.

+  Day 1: Practice on Latex under supervision + Shadow opportunities on real clients

+  Day 2: Practice on Latex under supervision + Shadowing + Live model #1 under supervision

+  Day 3: Live model #2 under supervision





***Training Dates for Hands-On Training:

July 5-6-7

Aug 16-17-18

Pixie Brows - All Powder Shading Training