PMU Needles are compatible with Duora Pen and Voltric Pen. Sterilized needles are made to do precise Permanent Makeup art, especially in the work of creating pixelated work - Shading!  Each needle went through quality check point ensuring needle is not bent and as thin and sharp as possible, reducing damage on the skin surface.



- EO Gas sterilize

- Single use disposable needles

- Screw in needles allowing pigment to be kept in and flow smoothly.

- No hassle of installing needles in and out. Simply just pop it in, twist to lock and use.

- 0.30mm diameter of needles specially for cosmetic PMU work provides pixelated result.

- This new generation of needles minimize the most damage impact to the skin as possible while, still implanting pigment beautifully and into the right layer.



Comes in a single needle

Accupuncture Bullet Point



1P = 1R

3P = 3RS

PMU Needles

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