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  • For Volume / Megavolume
  • Dark Finest Korean PBT fibers. 
  • Non-sticky 2mm lash strips allowing Easy fanning
  • Affordable, save more with wholesale




  • 16 lines
  • Lengths: Multi-Lengths, up to 3 lengths per row
  • Note that printing will only print the longest length on the strip. Hold the tray sideway and you will see the all the variation in lengths.
  • Curl:  C, D
  • Diameter: 0.06mm
  • Suitable for: Volume eyelash extensions


MLB Tips:


  • Suggested Weight Limit to keep natural lashes healthy: 3D - 4D
  • Use with Tweezer: BB5, BB4, BB2
  • Use with Techniquess: Wiggle, Pinching, or Fanning on strip

Multi-Lengths 0.07mm | Volume Lashes