MaiLash presents our beloved lash artists a wide selection of high quality mink lashes. We offer the most luxurious Swarovski charming jeweled lashes - introducing our diamond lashes with a crystal jewel attached onto each strand, pick your choice: silver, gold, or multicolored. Perfect for holidy seasons.



  • Type of lashes: Mink
  • Product: 8 lines, 10/line
  • Color: silver, gold, muticolored jewels
  • Curl:  C, 11mm
  • Diameter: 0.10mm
  • Suitable for: Volume or classic eyelash extensions. Attach a single strand anywhere onto the lash line to give them a pop for the holiday seasons or special occasion. 



  • Tweezer: Straight or Golden Semi-Angle Tweezer
  • Glue: Sky S+ or S
  • Caution: The jewel is easy to fall off due to weight, apply a little more glue than usual to hold.

Diamond | Jeweled Lashes

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