MaiLash is one of the official distributors of Sky Adhesives imported directly from its manufacturer. Monthly batch delivery to ensure quality and freshness of glue and its products for our Sky lovers. We love this primer as it is seriously great for clients who cannot keep their lashes due to their lifestyle or just naturally oily.



  • Base ingredient:  diluted alcohol base
  • Volume:  15ml
  • Purpose:  Goes hand in hand with Sky glue as a glue enhancer, to increase adhesion strength of glue and and dry time.
  • Direction:  Use microswab to swipe a tiny drop along the very base of the eyelash extension strips (only swipe on the strips you are intended to use for the day). This will last for up to 6 hours without reswiping.
  • Caution: Do not swipe too much onto the strip as this will get extensions get causing them to clump. 



  • Suitable for:  Classic & Volume lashes. Master - advanced users.
  • Close cap tight after each use as it can evaporate if leave open for too long.


MaiLash's Tips

  • Follow MaiLash's 4-Steps to Great Retention.
  • Can use this as a lash primer on NON-SENSITIVE clients who, have trouble with keeping lashes due to excessive excersing, wear of makeup, etc. 
  • Direction: Use a microswab instead of swiping onto the extension strips, swipe onto the base of the natural lashes without touching the skin. Only use 1 tiny smal drop per eye.
  • Caution: Do not use on sensitive clients. Do not let it touch the skin.

Glue Primer

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