MaiLash presents our beloved lash artists a wide selection of high quality mink lashes. We offer intensely dark lashes for our Volume lovers. Made with our pick of the finest PBT fibers from Korea, then 100% being hand-made to serve our lash artists who, seek for durability with great prices.



    •    Type of lashes: Mink. Cut flat at the bottom therefore has a flat tip and base.

(***Pro point: can give off the illusion of darker thicker and more intense lash line even with just Classic) technique.


    •    Product: 16 lines

    •    Color: black. Semi-glossy to glossy finish depending on the lighting.

(***Pro point: Glossy finish is better for clients who likes to wear eye makeup and still prefer the dark intense finish look. Matte finish can turn dull 2 weeks down the road when mixed with natural oil from makeup)


    •    Curl:  C, D, SC (super curl)

    •    Diameter: 0.03mm

    •    Suitable for: Classic eyelash extensions



Tweezer & Techniques:

  • Straight Tweezer or Semi-angle Tweezer
  • Isolation:  Long Angled Tweeze, Curve Tweezer, Staight Tweezer.



  • Sky S+ or S for regular
  • Sky D+ for sensitive

Flat Intense | Classic Lashes

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$8.99Sale Price
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