Dr. Pen Ultima-A7 Professional Pen is trusted by many estheticians in the application of Microneedling and BB Glow.

The Ultima-A7 is a newer model of Ultima-A6.

The A7 model uses finer diameter needle of 0.18mm versus the traditional 0.25mm, therefore creating smaller and thinner micro-channels which, helps the skin to heal faster.

The A7 model comes with a cord. 


✔ Anti-aging and skin tightening.

✔ Increases the absorption of facial skin care products, maximizing their effectiveness
✔ Boost your natural glow
✔ Create a healthy complexion
✔ Improve skin tone and texture
✔ Reduce large pores

Use with needles: 9 Pins, 12 Pins, or 36 Pins



✔ Clearer and brighter complexion

✔ Improves the overal skin condition
✔ Boost your natural glow
✔ Improve skin tone and texture
✔ Reduce the appearance of large pores

Use with Nano needles



- 5 different speed

- Suitable for 0.18mm diameter needles

- Depth: 0 to 2.5mm


Product package:

- 1 Dr. Pen Ultima A7

- 1 US charger

- 1 USB cable

- 1 Instruction manual

- 1 soft cloth pen protector

- 2 #12 Pin cartridges

Dr. Pen Ultima-A7 Microneedling/BB Glow Pen

    • Unpluck power wire when not in use.
    • Protect the handpiece by storing it in a safe place, inside the protective case.
    • Never drop your handpiece. Dropping it will cause damage and impact to its motor and performance.
  • Please read our return/exchange policy prior to purchase!