MaiLash & Brows is one of the distributors of David BrowArt products. We fell in love with his numbing cream which, has a maximum strength on numbness and acceleration.



Sold in 1 tube (2 tubes is only for display)

Color: creamy yellow

40% Lidocaine

Main active ingredients: Lidocaine, ephinerine

Use for: Primary anesthetic only for eyebrows



  1. Clean the area with alcohol swipe for santization and effectiveness
  2. Squeeze a thin layer of cream onto the brows
  3. Spread using a microswab
  4. Cover with saran wrap
  5. Wait for 15-20 minutes then remove to tattoo.



  • This product has no label. It has been compounded.
  • By purchasing this product, customer agreed to take full responsitiblity.
  • Only for MaiBrows and David Brow Art students who, have used this product during training under supervision.

David BrowArt Numbing Cream

  • No return/exchange on this product once opened.

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