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Are you tired of fixing Microblading work over and over?

Do you want to offer MORE than just Microblading to your clients?


Are you ready to advance yourself?


This course is for you:

  • Beginner and Intermediate artists who want to take their skills to the next level.

  • In-depth fundamental knowledge of PMU.

  • All Powder Brows & Shading Techniques.

  • Secrets to long lasting results through correct after care.

  • MB Signature Combo Brows Technique - maximum retention of strokes & least damaging.

  • Struggling with Brow Mapping? Learn MLB 15 minutes Brow Shaping method.




With this fast growing industry, you need someone who always be there for you.

Imagine starting your career without a true mentor?

The definition of a true mentor is someone who is reliable who, would always response to your need and guide you to the correct direction.

Being an MLB Student means you'll get:

  • Private post course support group via Facebook and get immediate response within 24-48 hours.

  • True One-on-one experience hands-on during your personal coaching time.

  • Receive 30% OFF on first order and 10% OFF after.

  • Access to all current course-related training videos & materials.

  • Access to all new videos added into your course in the future.

  • Get to learn through the comfort of your own home or virtually anywhere.

  • Joining a network of hundreds of students, talented just like you.

  • Get to watch Live videos posted once-twice a week on course-related procedures with your membership.

Option 1 : Online Training only  $350

This option is for you if you are new to PMU and just wanted to learn all the theory first before committing to the whole program.

Mini Kit included (including machine - see below)

Voice-over Powerpoint Lectures

Demo Videos on Real Clients

Practice Shaping in your own time

..... so you can literally learn ANYWHERE from the comfort of your own home, while you're laying on bed, working, driving, or out and about running errands, etc.


Receive an Online Certificate of Attendance


If you need further help, Register your Practical part!

inside MLB Academy private training powd

Option 2 : Online Training + Hands-on Training  $2,500

This option is for you, if you are ready to do Hands-on or if you are experienced and need my guidance to elevate you to the next level

Full Kit included

All Online Training above

3 Days Hands-on: 

  • Day 1:  Practice on Latex under supervision + Shadow opportunities on real clients

  • Day 2: Practice on Latex under supervision + Shadowing + Live model #1 under supervision

  • Day 3: Live model #2 under supervision

Receive a Certificate of Completion

Meet Your Instructor



Mai Le has been one of the pioneers in the beauty industry with her dedication to the art of Semi-Permanent Makeup & Eyelash Extensions. Just like you, she started her career from ground up with late nights of work, whether it be servicing clients or perfecting her crafts. Just like you, many times she had stumbled along the way, wishing if someone could just be there mentoring her. She had been in your path!

Her passion has never stopped! She yearned for knowledge and seek to learn from various masters. Mai Le has done over 5,000 procedures. She had acquired a vast experience in both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

You no longer have to worry, because someone is ready to be your mentor. Mai Le will pass down all her knowledge that she has acquired over the years now and forever!

We have live videos of procedures every week in our group, where you are free to ask questions engaging with your mentor; never stop learning!

What's in Your Kit

When you sign up for Option #2: Online + Hands-on. Your Mini Kit will be sent to you for practice, the rest you will receive in class

​Mini Kit:

  • 1 PMU Machine Pen

  • 1 Biotech practice pigment

  • 5 1R needles

  • 5 applicators

  • 5 pigment cups

  • 5 pigment rings

  • 3 latex skins

  • A & D ointment

​Full Kit includes Mini Kit plus below:

  • Mini Kit +

  • Professional PMU bag

  • 5 1R needles

  • 5 3R needles

  • 3 Permablend pigment bottles

  • 10 microswabs

  • 10 pigment cups

  • 10 pigment rings

  • 1 pigment holder

  • 3 brow shapers

  • 1 primary numbing

  • 1 secondary numbing

  • 2 brow pencils

  • 1 brow ruler

  • 1 measurement string roll

  • 1 Color Boost Agent

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