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Have you been doing Microblading for a while and wishing to offer more PMU services?

Have you been doing PMU but want to upgrade your skills to the next level?

Join master Nhung Phan from Vietnam - certified teacher of grand master Sviatoslav Otchenash Academy. These techniques will help you achieve not only beautiful but longer lasting results for Permanent Makeup brows, lips, and eyeliner. Learn from the Best to be the Best!

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All Hands-On, Practing on Live Models

Nhung Phan does not come to the USA often, this is a rare opportunity for students to have a personal experience working side by side with Nhung Phan. She will demonstrate each technique on live models. You will have the opportunity to practice the techniques on live models under Nhung Phan's supervision. In order to provide positive experiences, this class is hands-on focused. Therefore, requiring students to have a foundational knowledge of PMU such as knowledge of skin (layers, types, etc.), color theory, basic understanding of machine and needles, etc. You will have plenty of practice on both latex and live models for each category.

*Note: This class is taught through a professional translator*

Who Should Take This Class?

This is a basic to advanced intensive Permanent Makeup training for professional PMU artists that, teaches the basic techniques of the grand master Sviatoslav Otchenash. It is recommended that you have basic foundational knowledge of PMU or Microblading.

You should take this class if you are:

  • Interested in expanding services to offer ombre or stardust eyebrows, eyeliner, and full lips.

  • Interested in combining Microblading with shading or ombre brows.

  • Wanting to learn Stardust technique - the most demanded brows and eyeliner look in Europe.

  • Wanting to advance your PMU techniques to less damaging but longer lasting results.

  • Been self-taught on doing permanent makeup and wanting to take a proper course to learn how to properly perform PMU effectively.

  • Thinking about taking the grand master Sviatoslav Otchenash Master Class in the future. By understanding and having to practice his basic techniques prior to attending his class, you will grasp his advanced techniques better.

If your answer is Yes to any of the above, this class is a perfect fit for you!

 About Sviatoslav Otchenash Permanent Makeup Academy

Sviatoslav Otchenash Academy is recognized worldwide for the quality of work and state of the art in permanent makeup. There are very few artists in the world who, can master Sviatoslav's techniques with perfection. His PMU techniques not only requiring great precision but patience and hard work. Nhung Phan is one of the very few artists who has succeeded in mastering Sviatoslav's techniques. Her work speaks for itself. She has carried the same spirit and passion as her mentor in sharing knowledge on how to achieve top-notched quality work. Nhung Phan is Sviatoslav Otchenash Academy certified trainer in teaching Stardust techniques worldwide.

What's Included in the Class


  • Permanent Makeup machine ($500 value) *only in Nhung Phan's class*

  • Sviatoslav Otchenash Academy workbook

  • Electric measuring caliper

  • PMU Concealer and fine brush

  • Soft wax pencil

  • Artificial skins

  • Practice pigment bottle

  • Needles will be given throughout class.


Class is from 9:30am - 5:30pm everyday

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona.


Day 1: Theory

Introduction and discussion about machine and needles.

Differences between devices & needles and what to choose.

Discuss about pigments, differences and how pigments work.

Introducing into colors.

Learn brows, lips and eyeliner proportions and practice on paper.

Explanation about symmetry.

Introduction on Stardust eyebrows.

Work on latex.

Day 2: Brows

Introduction to brow shape and proportion.

Learn the technique of achieving the perfect brows shape and symmetry.

How to effectively draw eyebrow shape in 15 minutes.

Discuss different brows shape situations and PMU techniques.

Nhung Phan performs on live model.

Students perform on live models.

Day 3: Lips

Introduction to lip shape and proportion.

Learn the technique of achieving the perfect lips shape and symmetry.

Discuss different lips shape situations and PMU techniques.

Needles being used for full lips.

Nhung Phan performs on live model.

Students perform on live models.

Day 4: Eyeliner

Introduction to eyeliner shape and how to draw.

Explanation about symmetry.

Needles being used.

How to achieve Stardust technique.

Nhung Phan performs on live model then students perform on live models.

This class is suitable for both beginners and intermediate PMU artists. It is important that you have some of knowledge of foundational PMU. Because this is a hands-on focused class where, you will get to watch Nhung Phan performs the academy's techniques on live models. Nhung Phan will observe and correct your wrist and placement of needles.

Note: This class is communicated through Nhung Phan's translator.

If you do not have a model of your own, 2 students will work on 1 model. This is also a good teamwork way to help one another.


Seats are limited

Class is $3700

Non-refundable Deposit to keep your seat is $1500

Remaining balance must be due 4 weeks prior to the class date per invoice.


*Deposit and pay-in-full are non-refundable or transferable under any circumstances due to the fact we have already reserved your seat, making reservations and plans accordingly * Excluding sale code, products only*

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