Combination of Fundamental Microblading & Machine Shading Combined/Ombre Brows

14 Days Online + 3 Days Hands-On In Class


Why MaiLash & Brows Academy

Microblading has been a great option for clients who have naturally good eyebrow frame/natural brow hair, but what about clients who may not have natural shapes? Ombre Powder is another great technique that would work with challenging eyebrow cases as such.  It is imperative to get your training correctly and in full. MaiLash & Brows is known in Arizona for being one of the leaders in the art of eyebrows. We want to make sure our students understand the importance of doing correctly and effective applications.

  • Post-course support via Facebook group/chat for lifetime, anytime you have questions and receive 24 - 48 hours immediate answer.

  • Our beginner Microblading artists find it very helpful to always receive prompt response on choosing the right pigments for their clients from us.

  • We provide a one-on-one experience and personal guidance during class.

  • You will receive 30% OFF on your first order with MaiLash & Brows.

  • Mai Le, director of MaiLash & Brows - your trainer have received extensive trainings from various masters around the globe, one of them was the founder of Microblading David Zhang and the PMU grand-master Sviastoslav Otchenash. She has performed over 3,000 procedures of eyebrow work.​​

Who Should Take This Course and Why?

  • This training is suitable for both beginner and intermediate artists.

  • In this training​, you will learn all fundamental knowledge of Microblading, from A-Z.

  • You will learn how to properly operate the PMU machine and needles and how to "feel" the skin using machine.

  • You will learn ow to utilize Ombre Powder and Strokes & Shade method to work with sparse brows that Microblading isn't an option.

What You Will Learn In This Course

Online Theory part:

Information & Facts

- What is Microblading

- Microblading vs. Tattoo

- What you need to start your career

- Licenses

- Regulations & Insurance

- Who cannot have MB/PMU

- Contraindications

- Allergic Reaction

- Pre-op and Post-op Instructions

Infection Control & Safety

- Sanitation vs. Sterilization

- Procedure area

- Set up

- Facilities and equipment

- Cross contamination

- Dissembling

- Records

- Consent Forms

Skin Anatomy

-Introduction to the skin

- Layers of the epidermis

- Layers of the dermis & hypodermis

- Different skin tones

- Pigmentation

- Skin tones vs. skin undertones

- Skin undertones

- Fitzpatrick scale

- Different types of skin

- Skin temperature

Color Theory

- Introduction to color theory

- Color Wheel

- Pigments

- Inorganics and organic pigments

- Pigments

- Choosing the right pigment color

- Correlation between skin types and color theory

- Prediction healed result

Eyebrow Microblading

- Face shapes & eye shapes

- Golden ratio measurement

- Determining the right thickness and density

- Client's profession and lifestyle

- The importance of pictures

- Tools & equipments

- Step-by-step procedure

- Pre-treatment

- Procedure

Hair Strokes

- Fundamentals of hair growth

- MaiBrows approach to Natural Hair Strokes

- MaiBrows Natural 3D Hair Strokes

- How to draw hair strokes

- Single hair strokes

- Grouping hair strokes

- Transitions

- Tails

Stretching Techniques

- Eyebrow stretching

- Pressure, depth and implanting color

Covering Old Tattoo

- Basic knowledge

- Do's and Don'tt

What to do at Touch Up

- What to expect

- Step-by-step procedure


Manual Microshading

- Techniques

- Microshading combined

- Different shading needles

What is Semi-Permanent Makeup?

- Microblading vs. Machine

- Types of Machines

- Types of Needles

Machine Ombre Powder Shading

- What is Ombre Powder brows?

- Powder brow techniques

Microblading & Machine Shading Combined

- Different styles of pixelated powder

- How to combine with microblading

Draw Eyebrow Shape and Patterns on Paper

Practicing on Paper Eyebrow Patterns as Homework 


In-Class Part:

After you have completed your online theory training, we will meet in-class for practical learning. It is strictly hands on and plenty of practices on latex artificial skins, observing instructor demonstration on model, and practicing on a live model. Therefore it is crucial that you practice drawing sketches of eyebrow shapes and patterns as homework prior to class. Our instructor will look over and go through your homework to correct and show you ways to achieve softer strokes.

Your schedule will be as followed:

Day 1:

9:30am: Recap on important theory such as skin undertone, contraindications, and color theory

10:30am: Q & A

11:30am: Shape practicing on artificial skin.

12:30pm: Lunch

1:30pm: Measure and Shape practicing on each other.

3:30pm: Practice hair stroke patterns on artificial skin.

5:00pm: End of class

Day 2:

9:30am: Recap on measuring and shaping on human.

10:30am: Practicing Flicking technique on artificial skin

11:30am: Practicing shading technique on artificial skin

12:30pm: Lunch

1:30pm: Combining all shape, hair strokes, flicking and shading

2:30pm: Instructor demo on live model. Students to observe and take serious notes.

4:30pm: Recap on the steps of procedure. Q & A.

5:00pm End of class.

Day 3:

9:30am: Combining all shape, hair strokes, flicking and shading on artificial skin to be ready for live model.

12:30pm: Lunch

1:30pm: Recap on steps and station set up.

2:30pm: Practicing on live models.

5:30pm: Class pictures.

What Comes in Your Kit

  • Professional makeup bag

  •  Full 5 bottles of Tina Davies/Permablend Pigments

  • 1 BioTouch Pigment bottle.

  • 1 Professional Permanent Makeup Machine Pen

  • 1 MaiBrows Color-Boost agent

  • 1 double sided Microblading/Shading pen holder

  • 10 MaiBrows disposable blade pens

  • 10 Machine Needles

  • 1 numbing cream

  • 1 brow ruler

  • 2 brow pencils

  • 2 razor

  • 2 Surgical skin markers

  • 20 pigment cups

  • 20 pigment rings

  • 20 microswabs

  • 10 Microblading blades 0f 0.18mm

  • 10 Microblading blades of 0.25mm

  • 10 Shading blades

  • 10 dental bibs

  • 3 Latex artificial skins

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