Combination Advanced Classic and Volume Training

1 Week Online + 2 Days Hands-On


Why MaiLash & Brows Academy


With the fast growth of eyelash extensions, we are seeing more and more salons offering this service. It is imperative to make sure the applications being applied were taught correctly and in full. There are many eyelash institutions to choose from however, factors that you should look into are certifications of your educators and the accreditation of the academy.

  • MaiLash & Brows Academy is accredited by Lash Inc. International since 2015.

  • MaiLash & Brows Academy is in process of accreditation by National Association of Lash Artists (NALA).

  • Mai Le, director of MaiLash & Brows Academy extensive experience and qualifications:

    • Mai Le is a Certified Educator by Lash Inc. International.

    • Mai Le is a Certified Educator by National of Lash Artists (NALA)

    • Third place in Classic Eyelash Extensions category in the World Lash Master Competition 2015.

    • Second place in Volume Eyelash Extensions category in the Lash Summit Competition 2016.

    • Judge at the Lash Crown Championship 2017

    • Judge at the Lash Artists International Competition 2018

    • Judge and Speaker at the Lash Crown Championship 2018

    • Judge and Speaker at the Hawaiian Lash Championship 2018.

  • Master Trainers of MaiLash & Brows Academy have completed MaiLash & Brows eyelash extension trainings and training for trainers programs.

  • Master Trainers of MaiLash & Brows are Certified Educator by National of Lash Artists (NALA)

Who Should Take This Course and Why?

  • This training is suitable for both beginner in Volume and beginner to semi-intermediate in Classic lashes.

  • In this combo training​, you will learn all fundamental knowledge of eyelash extensions including Volume lashes.

  • You will also learn our unique MaiLash Speed Volume technique that completely bypasses the traditional Classic lashing. It revolutionizes our Classic lashes into Volume lashes in a much simple way that any artists can use this technique to create fuller looking lashes.

  • You will be exposed to different ways of Volume fanning, as well as tips and tricks on efficient lashing.

  • Beginner in Volume lashes will find this class helpful with not only volume fanning techniques, but also tips and tricks on lashing.

  • Beginner to semi-intermediate Classic lashers will find our MaiLash Speed Volume technique helpful in bypassing traditional classic lashing, at the same time learning volume lashes.

  • One-on-one experience during class with hands-on guidance and personal attention.

  • After taking this course, beginner lash artists feel confident to perform on clients right away. Some fast learner beginners are even able to practice volume right away to blend in with the set.

  • After taking this course, intermediate lash artists will be able to do volume lashes right away, along with utilizing our Group Isolation technique to be fast and efficient in their work.

Benefits of Being MaiLash & Brow Academy Students

When choosing MaiLash & Brows Academy as your Eyelash Extension Training, rest assure that we will deliver educational quality in your training. Utilizing online as the newest way of teaching to increase effectiveness, we are able to focus and devote full attention to your in-class training as 100% hands-on.

  • Lifetime on-going support post course, via our closed Facebook group or chat that is only for MaiLash & Brows Academy students.

  • Students can send pictures for critiques and feedbacks from instructor.

  • To ensure quality and 100% attention to each student, classes are held in small sizes of no more than 5-6 students.

  • Students can sit in class again as a refresher for free should you feel like you need more time.

  • Receive updates and new product information.

  • 40% OFF first order after class.

  • 10% OFF special discount for students on the second order.

  • In addition, students of MaiLash & Brows will receive discounts for any Continued Education classes from our partnered institutions: Megavolume/Volume Online course of Frankie Widdows, Volume Mastery Online course of Jill Heijligers-Peloquin.

What You Will Learn


  • Module 1: History of eyelash extensions, eye anatomy and lash growth.

  • Module 2: Eye conditions, diseases and infections, how to avoid, allergic reaction and what to do, after care.

  • Module 3: Sanitation, how to sterilize, procedure of hygiene, general workspace.

  • Module 4: Effective workspace set up, lash palettes, glue palettes, how to set up efficiently.

  • Module 5: Adhesive and chemical properties, lash curing process.

  • Module 6: Product overview, tools, theory on primer.

  • Module 7: Lash shapes & styles, eye shapes, how to choose appropriate lengths, how to ensure client’s lash health, symmetry to your work.

  • Module 8: Client consultation

  • Module 9: Maximizing retention, Client prep, lash shampoo, how to clean, eye pads & troubleshooting.

  • Module 10: Lash application & foundation of lashing, correct adhesive, techniques, etc.

  • Module 11: Extension removal

  • Module 12: Advanced classic lash techniques, mixing curls and adding volume.

  • Module 13: MaiLash Signature Refill technique, ensuring client’s lash health.

  • Module 14: Lower lash extensions and pick-up, client’s safety.


  • Module 1: Introduction to volume lashing, volume lashing vs. other types, types of volume, weight chart, how to ensure client's lash health with volume lashing.​

  • Module 2: Product & safety, types of volume lashes, advance knowledge on adhesives, theory on lash mister, theory on primer, tweezer options.​

  • Module 3: Sanitation, how to sterilize, procedure of hygiene, general workspace.​

  • Module 4: Effective workspace set up, lash palettes, glue palettes, how to set up efficiently.​

  • Module 5: Maximizing retention, Client prep, lash shampoo, how to clean, eye pads & troubleshooting.​

  • Module 6: Lash symmetry, lash shapes, mixing curls, perfect line, MaiLash Signature Technique.​

  • Module 7: Lash application, types of volume fans, how to create different volume fans, methods of fan pick-up, correct adhesive pick-up, bonding techniques, unacceptable fans.​

  • Module 8: MaiLash Speed Volume Classic technique, Group Isolation technique.

  • Module 9: Fill appointments, how to ensure client's lash health, adding fullness, MaiLash unique refill techniques.

What Comes in Your Kit

  • 1 mixed tray 0.05mm C curl

  • 1 mixed tray 0.05mm D curl

  • 1 mixed tray 0.07mm D curl

  • 1 mixed tray 0.07mm C curl

  • 1 mixed tray 0.06mm D curl

  • 1 mixed tray 0.06mm C curl

  • 1 Sky Glue black cap

  • 1 Sky Glue blue cap

  • 1 Glue Potion

  • 1 Remover

  • 1 lash palette

  • 20 Eyepads

  • 100 Applicators

  • 100 Mascara Wands

  • 100 Microswabs

  • 1 Lash foam cleanser

  • 1 Paper tape

  • 1 Medical tape

  • 1 Pro-Needle Volume Tweezer

  • 1 Semi-Angle Tweezer

  • 1 Curve Tweezer

  • 1 Lash Serum

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