MaiLash & Brows is a company that provides beauty products that aims to assist professionals nationwide. Our goal is build long-term relationships with our customers. We pride ourselves in providing the premium quality products within reasonable prices.


Our focus is to provide excellent quality products the fastest growing segments: Eyelash Extensions and Semi-permanent makeup. We have done intensive testing on products before making it available to the market. Each of our products has been widely used by many Master Lash Artists and Microblading Artists.​


Our core believes: High quality, value and good prices can be achieved. We are able to keep great prices for consumers while, maintaining premium products because we focus on quality and eliminate unnecessary costs. Our team works tirelessly to provide our customers the best solutions.

MaiLash & Brows (pronounced "My-Lash & Brows") is a personal brand that represents independent, hard-working women and entrepreneus.


Mink Eyelashes:  We source our own Polybutylene Terepthalate fiber (PBT fiber) to not only ensure quality but, uniqueness in our lashes. We keep close communications with our factories to ensure expectations are executed.

Tweezers:  German stainless steel tweezers from MaiLash will always remain high quality and affordable for both Classic & Volume eyelash professionals.

Sky Glue:  There is no doubt in the authentic of our legendary Sky glue. We are the official distributor company of Sky glue in the US who, work directly with the manufacture to import fresh batch every month.

MaiBrows Disposable Blade Pens:  Made with the thinnest needles available in the market, bringing our professionals the most cutting edge quality; allowing them to create beautiful art.


Mai Le has worked tirelessly in sharing her knowledge and educating students on skills to perfect their crafts in both eyelash extensions and semi-permanent makeup. Your success matters to us, we strive make lasting impressions. You are not left alone, we provide an after course support program.

-Together we grow- 



Personal Story

After graduating with a Bachelor Degree in Business Management, I took on a management position in banking.  In 2013, I came across an article about a female entrepreneur who, quit her finance job to do eyelash extensions.  The idea struck me right away. The eyes are the most important focus of the face. Having small-eye feature, I was self-conscious about my eyes looking tired. False lashes were life savers in making them looking more lively. I questioned myself multiple times for the next couple of years on the pursuit of entrepreneurship. Growing up in a traditional family in which, education and having a stable job are priorities. The idea of dropping my corporate job was not welcomed and appeared risky in my family’s eyes. Nevertheless, I still went on taking an eyelash extensions training. The 4-hour class was a poor educational structure. As the result, I was lacking self-confidence or could simply be not having enough self-drive to follow my dream. 


Two years went by, I was fed up with corporate work, hit the bottom line, and hated going to work everyday.  My desire of being able to do what I love - to simply be “happy” everyday was ignited from desperation. The idea of doing lashes floated back. I realized that I needed to be more educated in the field that I want to go into, before giving it up! With all my courage, I put in my 2 weeks notice. My head was spinning with nervousness but one thing that kept me going was this tiny voice in my head “I got to do what I love and got to make it work, no matter what!”


I decided to take more trainings and seminars to learn different techniques from various masters around the world. For months, I offered to do a lot of free eyelashes for friends and family to get more practices. If I don’t have people to work on, I would work on the mannequin heads to get my skills to an A+ level. I don’t settle for mediocre skillset. I still remember nights where, I would finish doing lashes whether on human or mannequins at 9-10pm. I was still happy and passionate about this even though, I really did not make it back on my investment at that time yet.


I love what I do because I love making people feel pretty through small enhancements! My passion for this beauty-art has never stopped. It transitioned into a much deeper level, to empower women self-confidence through my art.


I was awarded to be the World Individual Lash Master through competitions. I became a Certified Master Lash Artist and Educator. I had the privilege to be invited as Judge in competitions and Guest Speakers in conferences.


“A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.” -Colin Powell-



MaiLash & Brows was founded in 2015 based on the core values "To provide high quality services and products with affordability."  In 2016, I opened my own studio with just myself. Within a few months, we quickly grew into a team of talented female artists. In 2017, we expanded to a store front with staffs providing services in-store and selling products to professionals across the States.


Our company MaiLash & Brows continues to grow bringing the best products to professionals and services to clients. We partner with manufacturers across the world, sourcing high quality products, using strategic pricing – cutting unnecessary costs, therefore enable to give our consumers the best of all, premium quality great prices. We are more than a company that provides services and products. We are a brand that reflects hard-working women who express the state of art through our work; a brand that empowers women to be independent entrepreneurs in society.


My message to all female entrepreneurs:

Follow your heart! Use your desire to conquer fear. Create your dreams and make them come true. Put 100% effort into doing what you love!

MaiLash & Brows


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